About Us

In 1995, 411-PAIN (1-800-411-PAIN) was launched in an effort to help Dunedin victims of a car accident that have also been hurt physically. 411 PAIN has grown immensely since then and now offers support on a national level. 1-800-411-PAIN guides their clients by helping them get back to normal and recuperate after their accident while providing them with a network of medical servicers that can guide them. 411 PAIN familiarizes their clients with qualified network attorneys that go into detail on their rights and stand up for them by fighting for monetary reimbursement for any damages according to the details of each case.

411 PAIN’s main objective is to help you get the proper financial compensation you deserve according to your specific situation, like the kind of injuries you’ve sustained and the extent of those injuries. The network of attorneys that 411 PAIN works with are experts in their field and are seasoned in the personal injury law process and strategies that insurance companies use to downplay your situation to lower the compensation you receive. 411 PAIN will put you in touch with a personal injury attorney that will fight relentlessly in your favor while carefully considering every angle of your case to ensure you get the best settlement possible.